April 16th, 2009

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[Mod Post] Super Paper Mario Replay?

ayanako was wondering if there was a way to spark more activity in the community and I thought maybe a replay discussion would work!

Here's how it works, every one or two weeks, or every however majority calls for, a post will be made in this community on a designated place in the game (such as you need to play World 1, Chapter 1 by one week and World 1, Chapter 2 by the next) and you all can discuss anything about said stage whether it be what's taking place in the story, any secrets, tricks of the trade, difficulties, etc. You would not have to be keeping up and can freely post thoughts at your own pace if you cannot keep up but for guideline purposes, we'll have specific dates.

A perfect example of how this would go would be similar to rewatches, such as a Magic Knight Rayearth one here and a NANA one here.

Of course its not mandatory but if you do vote yes in the poll, I expect a little bit of participation!

If you're still a little confused, don't hesitate to ask any questions!

Poll #1384981 Super Paper Mario Replay Discussion

Would you participate in a Super Paper Mario replay discussion?


If so, how often should discussion posts be made and by worlds/chapters?

One chapter per world every week
One world every week
One chapter per world every two weeks
One chapter per world every three weeks
One world every month
Other (Specify in comments)
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