April 23rd, 2009

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[SPM Replay Discussion] World 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds

CHAPTER 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds

Well we got five yeses which is probably the best we'll ever get and better than nothing! So as majority calls, every Thursday we shall venture through each chapter of every world.

Intro: Mario was called upon once again to save the world...no small task. Could he prevent the sinister Count Bleck from pulling off his sinister plot? Would Mario reunite with Princess Peach? A truly interdimensional adventure was about to begin...

Discuss, what did you think of the introduction of this game? What did you expect? The change from the conventional Paper Marios from turn based a RPG to more action-based? How did you feel after learning the "flip" ability? The new antagonist, Count Bleck? Anything in this stage you think is worth mentioning? While talking about future chapters from the game is fine, lets try to stay focused on one at a time.