May 28th, 2009

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[SPM Replay Discussion] World 2-1: Bogging to Merlee's

CHAPTER 2-1: Bogging to Merlee's

Intro: With Princess Peach at his side, Mario set out once again, bound for adventure. This time, our heroes were tasked with finding the mysterious charmer, Merlee. If Merlon was right, then Merlee was the key to finding the next Pure Heart. Never one to flinch from danger, Mario set out to find Merlee's mysterious mansion. But little did he know, the evil works of dastardly Count Bleck awaited at every turn...

Collapse )

Discuss, is there anything notable about this stage to share? Having any troubles or lost? Two allies have been gained, Princess Peach and Boomer, any thoughts on that? Before this chapter we get a glimpse of Blumiere and Timpani's story. What did you make of that? Anything else? While talking about future chapters/events are fine, lets try to stay focused on one at a time.