June 1st, 2010

evil laugh, Bleck

[Fanfic] The Multicolored Maiden [1/?]

Title: The Multicolored Maiden
Fandom: Super Paper Mario
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Characters: The main cast
Rating: T, just to be safe, though there's no swearing
Summary: Timpani had a prophecy to fulfill. She had to help the hero stop the prophecy of the Dark Prognosticus and save the worlds. Only, it's going to be harder than she thinks... AU, human!non-amnesiac!Timpani. OMG, something other than a Hetalia fic. I recently replayed this game, and wondered what the game would have been like if Timpani had never lost her memory or become a Pixl. So here it is. It's not different so far, but that's certainly going to change. It's also on ff.net, if you go searching for it.

Follow the fake cut~"